The Story of The Ugly Caterpillar

This is a delightful story of how the Red-spotted Purple butterfly begins her life as a not-so-beautiful caterpillar. It tells why the butterfly must lay her eggs on a particular plant. It also explains molting, how the tiny caterpillar spends the winter, and the magic that happens inside the chrysalis.

Illustrations are based on the authors photographs, enabling readers to use this as a guide to search for and find Red-spotted Purple caterpillars.     

The Ugly Caterpillar, A True Story, is a story for all ages from “read to,” to  “I want to read it myself,”  as well as for parents and grandparents.

“Imagine if you could shrink down to fairy-size and watch as a baby caterpillar grows and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This lovely story is enjoyable and educational for child and adult readers.”