The Story of The Ugly Caterpillar

cover illustration of The Ugly Caterpillar

My name is Loretta Lutman and I am the author of “The Ugly Caterpillar, A True Story”. This children’s story follows the life cycle of the Red Spotted Purple butterfly, which starts out as a not-so-attractive caterpillar. The story line is filled with facts such as the importance of host plants and where this butterfly lays her eggs. It uses correct terminology –  explaining the terms chrysalis, molting and hibernaculum, in a way that’s easily understood, with illustrations based on my photographs.  Children and adults alike, are enjoying this story.  I hope you enjoy it too!

“Imagine if you could shrink down to fairy-size and watch as a baby caterpillar grows and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This lovely story is enjoyable and educational for child and adult readers.”