A Look Inside

collage of pages
Front cover

Page 7: “She always lays her eggs at the very end of the leaf. They look like little round fuzzy beads decorating the tip of each one…”

Page 15:…Even in winter the garden bustles with activity. But silently, snuggled safely deep inside the hibernaculum, tiny Caterpillar sleeps.”

Page 21: So, my little one, I hope you enjoyed your journey of discovery. Do come again, and we will discover more delightful secrets the garden has to offer!”

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2 Responses to A Look Inside

  1. Susan Bray says:

    What reading level is this book? I have a niece who is reading at a 4th-5th grade level and we are trying to encourage her interest in science, but I don’t want the book to be too below her reading abilities. Looks like a fabulous book!

  2. artbyingrid says:

    Hi Susan. I think 4th or 5th grade would work. It’s an easy read, but has some nice big words. Adults even love the book, so it shouldn’t be too young for your niece.

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