Reviews from Readers

“How lovely! At last, a hungry caterpillar that children can follow into the garden to learn what real caterpillars eat, where they hide, and how to find them. An authentic account, told in a way that will encourage budding scientists to venture into nature to make discoveries of their own.”  — J. Parker, Ph.D. Director of Conservation, NC Zoological Society

“Loretta Lutman’s passion for butterflies permeates The Ugly Caterpillar where each Red-spotted Purple butterfly is a miracle of beauty; at the same time, she teaches the real, scientifically accurate, and downright ugly stages in the butterfly life cycle. In this book, the beautiful and the real unite – and it’s all true.”  — Dr. M. Lamb, Retired Community College Professor

“Imagine if you could shrink down to fairy-size and watch as a baby caterpillar grows and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This lovely story is enjoyable and educational for child and adult readers.”  –Judy Burris and Wayne Richards, authors of The Life Cycles of Butterflies

“Wonderful! I love the book! I keep saying, “I didn’t know that. Gee, I sure didn’t know that.” There’s so much going on in the animal world that we never see – unless we are Loretta. I hope you have great success with this book.”  –Shirley Lewis, happy customer

“Darling book. Hibernaculum – new one on me! Loved it and I know the girls will love it over and over! Thanks.”  –Casey H, happy customer

“The Ugly Caterpillar book has been a hit. My daughter often picks this book to read before her nap. When she goes to bed, she gets to go to sleep with two books, and she always picks “The Ugly Caterpillar” as one of the two. An exceptional author, the book is fabulous!”  –Mary M, happy customer

What a great book. The story and illustrations were perfect for preschool and elementary age children. I have recommend this book to my fellow preschool teachers for there Science and bug unit. –Missy B, teacher assistant

I love this story about the ugly caterpillar! I didn’t know there was so much to know. The story is well written, and the illustrations are beautiful. I would recommend this book for children and adults alike. —Ingrid B, happy customer